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     The Wiccan Hare Gallery is by appointment only.



Plan your visit to our gallery.

Call 0415686778 to let us know an appointment time you wish to come and we will ensure a warm welcome awaits you.



Hand Sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer is available on entry and in both female and male disability toilets.



Cash welcome.

We accept card payments in the gallery, however due to our rural position the Internet signal can fail.  To avoid                                disappointment we will continue to take cash payments until the signal in the area improves.



Extra safety measures.

All visitors are required to stay within the designated areas.  Due to our rural location for your safety please keep alert at all times.  No snakes are permitted on our property and staff must be informed if they are trespassing.  Our team of staff will have them swiftly removed.



Muster point.

In the event of a fire, please exit the building and make your way to the muster point in the car park.

Plan your visit.

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